Irmgard Halstrup

Irmgard Halstrup, teacher of Authentic Movement Since 1995 I have been deepening my knowledge of this work in continuing study (group and individual) with Janet Adler (USA, Kanada), and I am member of the faculty of Circles of Four, the international post-graduate program for the preparation of teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

I work with Authentic Movement and as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Since 1986, I have been working in the psychotherapeutic field, with rich experience teaching in Dance-Movement Therapy training programs and teaching body awareness; since 1998 holding Authentic Movement seminars.

Raised in Southern Germany, I lived for some years in Sweden; now my home is in the north of Germany.  My spiritual search started early and was many-faceted. Along with other experiences, the vastness of Lapland and the understanding of human nature and the world derived from Process Oriented Psychology have had a strong and ongoing impact on me. In the work with the Discipline of Authentic Movement I have found a path, a place and a space that contain the searching and finding, the fullness and the emptiness, profound insights and new questions, mysteries and dimensions. A special interest of mine is Authentic Movement of the Voice. Through the translation into German of Janet Adler’s book: "Offering from the Conscious Body. The Discipline of Authentic Movement" my commitment to this path deepened even more – a gift that I love to share and pass on.

I am the mother of a son and have degrees in:

Psychology (Dipl.-Psychologin) ● Psychotherapy (Psychologische Psychotherapeutin ) ● Dance-Movement Therapy (Tanz-/Bewegungstherapeutin, Ausbilderin, Lehrtherapeutin und Lehrsupervisorin BTD) ● Supervision (Supervisorin, BDP) ● Processwork (according to A. Mindell, Dipl.-Prozessorientierte Psychologin, FG POP Zürich) Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trauma work according to Peter Levine).

Trainings in Nonviolent Communication and in Voice Work according to Roy Hart.