Literature and Links

Suggested reading about the Discipline of Authentic Movement:

Janet Adler: Offering from the Conscious Body. The Discipline of Authentic Movement. Inner Traditions 2002.

in German:

Janet Adler: Die Gabe des bewussten Körpers. Authentic Movement als Weg.
Translated by Irmgard Halstrup. Books on Demand 2012.


Suggested reading about the development and application of Authentic Movement:

Patrizia Pallaro (Hrsg.): Authentic Movement. Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow. Jessica Kingsley 1999.

Patrizia Pallaro (Hrsg.): Authentic Movement. Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved. A Collection of Essays. Volume Two. Jessica Kingsley 2007.